Sarah Illenberger's Flowerwork Project Turns Explosions into Blooms

 - Jan 9, 2015
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At first glance it almost appears as though these floral fireworks could be real explosive displays in the night sky. What you're looking at is actually a series of images by artist Sarah Illenberger, but I wonder if her work will inspire a pyrotechnics designer? I hope so!

Using a nearly limitless palette of plant life, Sarah rendered gorgeous gunpowder displays with buds, petals, leaves and full florets. The vivid colors of oranges, reds, pinks and greens appear alight against the black background, forming mixed bouquets and dynamic arrangements. Some stems shoot straight up while others bend delicately downwards. Every pretty posy is further accented with a decorative array of exquisite herbal detail. This Flowerwork series could easily inspire a never-ending collection of intricate and original images.