Making Dish Duty Less Disgusting

 - Nov 1, 2008   Updated: Aug 23 2011
References: seongyonglee & ohgizmo
The after-dinner sink can be a scary place: bowls of cold water with frothy films of scum; chunks of water-logged bread and bits of chewed up gristle. Soon, piled-up dishes block the drain, allowing the sink to fill to the point where no one wants to stick their hands into it.

Seongyong Lee has come up with a solution. He designed Floating Cutlery, utensils with built-in floats to keep them above the murky depths.

Implications - Consumers are constantly looking for products that make everyday tasks more simple and more efficient. Businesses should look to enhance already-established products with features and design elements that will provide customers with a more pleasant experience. By addressing an issue that was previously unsolved, a company can ensure dominance in this untapped market.