The Floatation Armor Torso System Inflates Upon Water Contact

 - Jul 28, 2015
References: bcbin & gizmag
The FATS or Floatation Armor Torso System is a bulletproof vest system that doesn't just keep you safe from assailants' bullets, it also stops you from drowning in the event that you involuntarily find yourself in a large body of water.

Developed by BCB International, who offer a variety of tactical and survival products, the Floatation Armor Torso System isn't the first inflatable bulletproof vest out there, but it stands out due to its clean design.

Crafted out of lightweight nylon and equipped with Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene armor plates, the vest comes in different buoyancy options for added flexibility. This vest is a great way to protect against both bullets and drowning at the same time, without having to suffer under an uncomfortable combination of layers.