The Float Swim Cap Will Take You to a Place of Bliss

 - Sep 18, 2014
References: & trendland
Unnur Valdis designed the Float swim cap, an accessory intended to improve the bathing experience.

Engaging in the Nordic bathing culture is a delightful experience for both tourists and locals, alike. Iceland, in particular, is brimming with artificial hot springs and geothermal pools. Optimal for floating your entire body, soaking in these springs is a practice that's become a ritual for many.

Valdis' cap, which is fashioned from Neoprene Lycra Polyenthylene foam, is intended to lovingly cradle the bather's head and restore a sense of equilibrium to their body as they float. In fact, Float is described as a "water therapy product," one which offers its wearer an especially soothing, blissful experience, reducing stress until it becomes a thing of the past. In technical terms, the cap encourages blood pressure, heart rate and muscle tension to lower, creating a beneficial, detoxifying experience that will leave you with heightened clarity and rejuvenation.