Light Up the Sidewalks Riding the Flexdex Clear29 LT Skateboard

 - Mar 3, 2011
References: flexdex & gadgetsandgear
No one knows if the hover board will ever be invented but you can certainly create the illusion of levitation -- at night that is, on the Flexdex Clear29 LT skateboard.

The Flexdex Clear29 LT skateboard is a luminous street cruiser that'll catch the attention of anyone who's around during the darker hours. The longboard is made out of clear polycarbonate with translucent wheels and LED integrated lights to give it that luminous glow. The skate deck is sturdy and has great response when being ridden by the rider.

The Flexdex Clear29 LT board is available in blue, red, and green light-ups and is available for sale on the company's website. To check out this sweet deck being used check out the video!