The Lord of the Rings Drawings Invite Reimagining of the Mystic World

 - Jun 16, 2016
References: thinkgeek
Designed for consumers both young and old, The Lord of the Rings film coloring book by ThinkGeek invites consumers to reimagine the fantastical universe with their own interpretation and customization. The coloring book features detailed designs of famed characters, settings and famed moments of the plot ready for consumers to add their own colors and designs to.

The coloring book is a product that appeals to a wide demographic group as coloring and drawing becomes more widely accepted by adults. The book contains illustrations by Nicolette Caven that render stills from Peter Jackson's film versions into two dimensional drawings. The illustrations span over two pages and often feature elements of the books incorporated through side-by-side text. The books can be filled in using a variety of materials from crayons and markers to paint.