Artist Jim Bachor is Filling Potholes in Chicago With Tiled Artwork

 - May 23, 2014
References: fastcoexist
A Chicago artist is taking road conditions into his own hands by filling potholes with mosaics. The uncommonly cold winter left more potholes than usual in Chicago, resulting in 47,500 complaints between December and March alone. This is why Jim Bachor felt the need to act.

This year Jim has created five new pothole mosaics with two more on their way. While the city of Chicago is well aware of the problem, even creating a pothole tracker and other strategies, they don't feel Bachor's artistic pothole repair is a threat to city maintenance.

Bachor was inspired by the permanence of potholes, and how their persistent return could only be fixed temporarily. While this method of filling potholes is not necessarily economical, they do a beautiful job of making Chicago a prettier place.