Firefox "Rise Up" Viral

Mozilla has launched a new video campaign to win over the hearts of webbies and get them to make the switch over to the Firefox web browser. They're doing so with the help of internet celebrities, or what I like to call "cewebrities," in an online video. It's actually really catchy!

The Fight Against Boredom ads claim just as their initiative is titled: download Firefox, and keep boredom at bay. The messages are made by the blogger known only as Lizard, fitting of course, since that's the creature that's become the iconic representative of the company.

Cewebrities in the video include Tay Zonday (Chocolate Rain) and Leslie Hall (Gem Sweater) who will sing Rise Up, a song about how not boring Firefox is. Lyrics include:

"But some people make choices in life, that turn out pretty lame Sitting at home drinking white zin, playing a solitary card game."


"Quit your day job with the man. Rise up! Rise up!"

In addition to downloading Firefox, campaign supports can download the Facebook application, or become a fan of the group.

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