Fido Factor is a User-Generated Listing of Dog-Friendly Places

 - Jul 19, 2010   Updated: Aug 17 2011
References: fidofactor & springwise
If your dog is your hairy BFF, then Fido Factor, a US directory of dog-friendly restaurants and other places, may be a welcome tool.

The Fido Factor site gathers user-generated content through its iPhone app and Facebook integration, then makes it -- as well as photos of canines patronizing their favorite haunts -- available online. The Fido Factor directory neared the 1,000 listing mark in July 2010 and will no doubt continue to grow as people learn about it.

Implications - The company goals behind the Fido Factor is noble. "[Our goal is] To make dog friendly policies the norm rather than the exception. IT's our magical little dream that dogs will eventually be welcome everywhere!"

That's one way to score points with man's best friend.