The Fendi "Fatto a Mano for the Future" Project is Transformative

 - May 30, 2011
References: selleria.fendi & designboom
The Fendi "Fatto a Mano for the Future" (hand-made for the future) art project transforms Fendi stores worldwide into artistic laboratories. The performance exhibition, currently in windows of the luxury brand's Hong Kong location, showcases key fashion concepts from a different perspective. Heritage, tradition and innovation might not only create beautiful clothing and accessories, but might also originate unique art pieces. The installations of this itinerary art show are created live from discarded Fendi leather, by Italian and British designers, artists and craftsmen.

Rowan Mersh's leather sculpture is organic and technologic. Basically, Mersh punches lots of Fendi leather in front of you at the rhythm of real-time heart beat, which also defines the final dimensions of the installation. The result is a surprisingly beautiful and colorful flow of leather. Nicola Guerraz's creation, called "3D Selleria Scribbles," takes inspiration from saddlery-making traditions and is created live with the help of a Fendi artisan. The final design object includes plants as well. And last, but not least, Sandro del Pistoia's sculpture is modular using small wooden-leather units.

The three performances at the Fendi "Fatto a Mano for the Future" are definitely worth the time at the store. The exhibition will be back to Italy in June and will also be available in stores in Tokyo.

Photo Credits: designboom, selleria.fendi