Make the First Strike with These Preemptive Internet Avatars

 - Feb 25, 2014
References: thehairpin & thehairpin
Being a feminist, or even just a woman on the web, can invite a lot of verbal attacks from people, which is why these humorous feminist Twitter avatars were created.

These "preemptive internet avatars" are meant to give women the first strike no matter what forum they happen to be visiting online. There's the diva cup drinking a cosmo, a can of feels, an avocado, a hairy-legged Angelina Jolie, a frying pan with a face on it and even a tampon lassoing a wild uterus.

These feminist Twitter avatars are a hilarious attempt at bringing awareness to a problem some women are forced to contend with online. To be fair, I have to admit the tampon lassoing a wild uterus avatar definitely freaks me out.