'Feminist Ryan Gosling' Tumblr Book is in the Works

The crazy popular, super hilarious 'Feminist Ryan Gosling' Tumblr has just landed a bookdeal. The Hey Girl Gosling memes have created a huge fan base and inspired seemingly endless spin-offs, including the 'Hunger Games Gosling' and even a 'Texts From Hillary' meme.

Danielle Henderson, a graduate student who created the amazing blog, has stated that she had initially started the Tumblr as a way of creating flashcards to study for her feminist theories classes "in a lighthearted way." The book, which will feature Gosling in all his feminist glory, is even already available for pre-order; for under $8, you can get your own piece of the Feminist Ryan Gosling Tumblr craze with the exciting new coffee-table book.