The Feline One is a Peculiar and Powerful Motorbike

 - Feb 13, 2015
References: feline-motorcycles & gizmag
The Feline One is a motorbike, designed by Swiss designer Yacouba Galle, that will surely have motorbike enthusiasts purring. This streetfighter motorbike first grabs your attention due to its futuristic, unique and downright peculiar appearance which is sure to make a memorable impact on people who watch you cruising down the street on one of these. At $280,000, it will also leave an indelible imprint on your wallet.

The Feline One is powered by an 801-cc 3-cylinder 170-horsepower engine. The bike itself is composed of exotic materials, and the most eye-catching aspect is its unique twin-shock anti-dive front end suspension setup, which few if any motorbike enthusiasts will have seen before.

As far as bespoke motorbike offerings go, this one is surely one of the most innovative.