The EZ Mount is a Hanging Feline Bed Designed for the Window

 - May 17, 2016
References: amazon & 7gadgets
The EZ Mount is a feline bed designed for cats that hangs off of windowsills to provide a comfortable place for pets to rest that offers them an ideal view of their surroundings. The bed is made using lightweight material so that it can suspend suctioned to the window and hold the weight of a house cat. The shape of the bed is more so a pod to accommodate the cat sitting inside.

The pod is a three-wall enclosed box that is made out of plush material with a cutout hole along the side. The box clips onto any window frame with four suction cups that keep the pod secured to the frame -- even with the weight of a cat inside. The three walls of the box give the cat an uninterrupted view of their setting, allowing them to watch from the window from a perched angle.