Yellow Owl Workshop Launched Its New Kitty-Themed Products

The latest feline accessories from Yellow Owl Workshop will make you purr with joy. You may be a cat lady, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish.

You can wear your love of cats around your neck with the black and gold Cloisonne Cat Love Pendant. It’s minimalist, neutral and perfect for any cat-themed occasion.

The Cat Love Tote Stencil Kit and Cat Love Tea Towel Stencil Kit are ideal for the crafty cat lover who loves DIY. The Tote Kit includes all you need to make your own personalized cat-themed bag. The Tea Towel Kit lets you make your own cat tea towels. They’re ideal for tea parties with the girls. You can use the stencils to enhance your other linens as well.

The Cat Love Stamp Set will make your cat love official. Use it to stamp your documents and letters. Go ahead and spread some feline love.