James Franco Introduces His Fat Squirrel Art Exhibit

James Franco is presenting his art exhibition, 'Fat Squirrel,' at London’s Siegfried Contemporary gallery.

Franco must be the most well-rounded celebrity in Hollywood. Beyond acting, Franco also writes poetry, teaches filmmaking, directs and enacts performance art that often puzzles his celebrity peers (and the general public). No matter! Though we might not always understand Franco's creative ventures, the fact remains that he's a supremely talented dude.

The Fat Squirrel exhibit is another one of those "will-they-or-won't-they" situations when it comes to people understanding. The collection, which came to fruition with the collaboration of a pet painter, features self-portraits of Franco as well as other public figures ("Jimmy Dean," for instance) and illustrations of pudgy rodents (hence the project's title 'Fat Squirrel').