The Hennessey Venom GT Sets Fastest Acceleration Record

 - Jan 25, 2013
References: venomgt & gizmag
The Hennessey Venom GT has earned its way into the history books and the Guinness Book of World Records by setting an acceleration record.

The included video shows first-person footage of the record being broken. It places the record at 0-300km/h in 13.63 seconds. This is especially impressive because most cars can't go 300 km/h ever, let alone in mere seconds.

In case viewers are wondering why the video includes two runs, these are done to average out headwind and tailwind. Wind plays a large part in the timing as seen by how much faster the car was able to accelerate when the wind was at its back.

The 1,244 horsepower car is even sexier than it is fast. With wonderful curves and sleek design, it almost looks to pretty to be labouring on a track setting the fastest acceleration record.