The 'Farm to Fork' Infographic Shows How Poison Gets in Our Food

 - Jun 8, 2013
In order to raise awareness for unhealthy foods, non-profit organization Healthy Child released an infographic called 'Farm to Fork.' The chart details out how every level of the American food system is poisoning citizens.

Starting at the farm level, the infographic shows how animals are fed unhealthy substances ranging from drugs to plastics. Farm to Fork then details the harmful chemicals used during food processing. Finally, the chart shows the unhealthy food that Americans are choosing to place on their table.

The infographic ends off with some surprisingly unhealthy foods. Healthy Child claims that bananas contain carcinogens. In addition, the chart states that crackers, french fries and milk also contain carcinogens. Among the list of unhealthy foods are everyday favorites that kids consume daily such as cereal and soda.