The Fan (c) Fan is a Creative Recrafting of a Familiar Object

 - May 13, 2013
References: & furnitureserved
You can tell straight away that the Fan (c) Fan is no normal household ventilator, for it's been composed of a few atypical materials and takes an unusually exquisite form. Step back and gain a little perspective and you'll realize that it has also been manufactured to a surprising scale.

Marco Gallegos constructed this appliance to a height that dwarfs the vast majority of domestic standing fans. The tripod alone measures approximately the same as an adult male. The diameter of the head is also nearly 2 feet across.

But what's perhaps most striking about the Fan (c) Fan is its beautiful craftsmanship. The base has been made from pieces of pale wood, and the propeller has been as well. It's neatly complemented by white-painted metal components for a gorgeous minimalist design.