C215 Covered the Streets of Paris with Depictions of Famous Heroines

 - Jul 10, 2016
References: c215.fr & fubiz.net
A Paris-based artist known as C215 has recently taken to the streets of the city to decorate buildings and more with the portraits of famous heroines.

The collection of urban art comes in a diverse range, with C215 making a point to include heroines of various different backgrounds as a means to celebrate female power on multiple different fronts.

The late Amy Winehouse is painted onto a cement wall with electric blue accents highlighting and surrounding her, whereas the portrait of Frida Kahlo takes over the back of a newspaper stand, with bursts of color drawing more attention to the piece. On a power box two women are depicted in a passionate kiss. C215's work is incredibly detailed, with the artist taking careful attention to ensure that the strong gazes and inner strength of the famous heroines.