Familjen Collection Has Hidden Elastic Stomachs to Increase Capacity

Designers Charlotte Ackemar and Annie Granath are not going to assume that you'll use a chest or a bedside table for any specific items that one might expect. The Familjen Collection was made to afford the user a certain amount of flexibility. The bases of the furniture are literally elastic, having been composed of nets made from stretchy strings.

The top of a bench hinges upwards to reveal a sagging storage compartment inside, ideal for any old thing, including crumbled or folded clothing. The bottom cupboard of the stilted cabinet opens downwards to show you the same meshy base, capable of drooping down as it's filled up to accommodate more contents.

When closed up, the lovely pale wood Familjen Collection pices otherwise look quite minimalist. An illuminating full-length mirror accompanies the set with an electrical cord that matches the tensile teal cords.