Oprah Duped Again By Author For Her Book Club List

 - Dec 29, 2008
References: nytimes
Oprah raves, books zoom to best-seller lists, authors find fame and fortune. For the third time, there has been a twist to an Oprah favorite book. The story is a fake.

Herman Rosenblat said he met his wife while she was in a Nazi concentration camp. Oprah raved that it was the most romantic love story ever, but now the publisher has stopped printing and announced it was all a total fabrication. The other Oprah favorite book that was a fake was from Margaret Seltzer, "Love and Consequences," a fake story about her life as a white girl in gangland in South Central L.A.

The Oprah book favorite, "A Million Little Pieces," was also proved to have been exaggerated by James Frey.