The EyeX Dev Kit Was Unveiled by Tobii Technology at CES 2014

 - Jan 12, 2014
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Tobii Technology brought out its EyeX Dev Kit and with it, a possible new era in personal computing.

The EyeX Dev Kit is just what it says -- a kit for third party developers to work out a way for eye-tracking to be used for gaming. The kit was released so there will be available games when SteelSeries releases a computer with the technology.

Obviously there are a lot of questions regarding the practicality of using sight for gaming, which requires fast reflexes and developed motor skills but they are saying that, "If you can hit a link or an object with your finger on the screen, you can also hit it with your eyes." The technology is said to have similar fidelity as touch technology. If this is true then gaming will have a whole new dimension added to it in the near future.