Artist Pam Tietze Creates One-Of-a-Kind Eyewear Art

 - May 10, 2013
References: bornrich & bornrich
Designer and Artist Pam Tietze Creates kaleidoscope glasses that have been deemed eyewear art. Artists and designers have been creating everything from digital 3D-printed food, slate and even jewel-encrusted glasses. Pam Tietze has taken this a step further by creating these kaleidoscope glasses, which are more like a form of art than simple fashion.

The kaleidoscope glasses have been created from crystal glass prisms taken from chandeliers, allowing the user to see their world in a distorted form of visuals, like what one would see in a kaleidoscope.

These glasses would suit anyone with a taste for psychedelic art forms or even simply a person who enjoys things that are out of the norm. These glasses are a great form of expression that allow the users to experience the world in a different way.