These Eye Implants Help Battle Dry Eye Caused By a Lack Of Tear Fluids

 - Dec 11, 2015
References: & gizmag
A group of scientists and researchers at Stanford University, led by professor Daniel Palanker and Michael Ackermann, have developed a high-tech eye implant that is designed to fight against dry eye syndrome. This syndrome, among the most common eye diseases in the world, is caused by a lack of sufficient tear fluids.

Dry eye syndrome can be extremely painful and can result in scars and ulcers. But this eye implant, which can be activated wirelessly, is designed to take care of that problem. When activated, the implant stimulates a gland in the eye that is responsible for producing tears.

This eye implant is currently in the midst of clinical trials, and could be available commercially within a year. It's ironic that this is an implant that actually helps people cry, but it does so in the most positive way possible.