'Liberate Your Inner Awesome' for i-D Summer 2013 is Striking

Strong female-centered editorials are becoming increasingly prevalent amongst mainstream magazines, and these femininely expressive editorials for i-D Summer 2013 showcase how women can be both stylish and powerful in photographs.

This photo shoot titled 'Liberate Your Inner Awesome' features model Lily Mcmenamy dressed in bright patriotic ensembles, displaying a variety of different poses and striking facial expressions. The contrast of bold red lipstick, dark and edgy hair with flirty and feminine clothing styles serves to give off an amazingly powerful feminine vibe. Mcmenamy comes off quirky yet powerful in her posture and demeanour, suggesting that any woman should be free to act or dress as they feel like.

This powerful and eye-catching editorial for i-D Summer 2013 is a perfect example of expressive editorials that encourage women to be strong and confident in who they are.