'Exaggeration City' Images Show Seriously Creative Photoshopping

 - Dec 10, 2009   Updated: Jun 15 2011
References: fx.worth1000 & pixzii
'Exaggeration City' is the title of a recent Worth1000 contest that challenged Photoshop pros to plunk gigantic people into their choice of real-world major city, blowing real life way out of proportion. The gallery above shows the results of the 'Exaggeration City' contest which includes some pretty sexy giants, like the massive blonde towering over Sydney Harbor at sunset or the giant brunette "catching a plane."

Implications - Modern-day consumers are looking for products that contain an otherworldly quality. The appeal of these items are the fantastical elements of offering an escape for contemporary citizens who face mounting responsibilities. Companies could come out with more designs that feature unconventional aesthetics in order to appeal to those shoppers who want forget their everyday stresses.