'Every Presentation Ever: Communication FAIL' Shows What to Avoid

For those of you who have ever had to sit through an unorganized, dull, and generic presentation in class or at work, the 'Every Presentation Ever: Communication FAIL' video will offer you a lot of laughs, and a look at what not to do when public speaking.

Created as a promotional spot for Dr. Tim Elmore's book 'Habitudes for Communicators,' the clip pokes fun at the typical slideshow presentation, complete with awkward and outdated pop culture references, typos, irrelevant quotes and the obligatory technical difficulty halfway through. While this nightmarish situation doesn't occur with all presentations (thank goodness!), Dr. Tim Elmore shows just how bad things can go when a speaker doesn't know how to truly engage their audience.

Whether you're a public speaker yourself, or you tend to be on the audience side of most slideshow presentations, 'Every Presentation Ever: Communication FAIL' is just what you need to get you through the work week.