The 'And Every Day Was Overcast' Series Depicts the Frenzied Teenage Years

'And Every Day Was Overcast' is an illustrated coming-of-age novel and photo collection, put together by Paul Kwiatkowski, that provides a raw, uncensored and frenzied depiction of teenage shenanigans, awakenings, drama, drug use and anxiety in a distinctly Floridan backdrop. The photos include shots from Kwiatkowski's own adolescence in the 1990s, captured with disposable cameras that give the photos a raw and authentic -- yet nostalgic -- look.

The And Every Day Was Overcast images are difficult to look at, but they're also difficult to turn away form. The teens' fast-paced lives are captured in fragments that, when looked back on as an adult, are at once repulsive and romantic. The photos capture teenage lust, drug use and disarray in an honest manner.