The Everett Downing 365 Supers Illustrates Heroes for Each Day

A Pixar artist's dedication to his new year's resolution three years ago has finally come to an end with the Everett Downing 365 Supers collection.

In 2010, the Pixar artist was set on creating 365 new superheroes by the end 2013 and has completed them just in the nick of time. Though it may seem simple at first, Everett Downing encountered a similar problem that writer's have but in illustrative form, a blockage where he could not move ahead with his project. After a friend encouraged the artist and realizing that he was over thinking things, Downing continued to create superheros like Mulch, Shock and Awesome, Fem-Bot, Fright Knight, The Red Dwarf and many others for each day of the year.