Even a Minute of Sunshine Strives to Warm the Subject's Skin

The fair-haired, ivory-skinned Madilon Bos strives for a sun-kissed look in Even a Minute of Sunshine. There is a suggestion that the gorgeous girl has been kept away from the light for far too long, letting her hair grow unkempt and the frustration show in the twisted positions of her body.

Symbolizing the coming of age of the innocent, this editorial for the Summer 2011 issue of Prestige International embodies a undoubted purity, despite the stigma often attached to nude photography as a genre.

Not a wrinkle or a crease can be found on the flawless body of the disrobed model, strengthening the theme that she strives to be placed at the mercy of the world for the first time. Even a Minute of Sunshine by Luigi Di Donna gives the girl her first taste with gentle rays upon her form.