The European Southern Observatory Took These Gorgeous Images of Space

 - May 4, 2014
References: & gizmag
The European Southern Laboratory has used all its technological prowess to capture these spectacular photos of the universe and different elements of the space environment. The photographs were taken from different sites affiliated with the European Southern Laboratory.

The Very Large Telescope in Chile captured a spectacular image of a "diamond ring," which occurs when an aging star has its outer ring blown off while a separate star is present in the foreground, creating a ring-like scene.

Also taken from Chile was an incredible image showing two galaxies that look like over-sized stars in a dark sky. The larger galaxy is thought to surround a humongous black hole that has engulfed many galaxies.

The most intricate image captured by the European Southern Laboratory is that of the Lagoon Nebula, a giant space cloud that measures 100 light-years across. This gorgeous image shows swirls of pink and orange on a celestial canvas dotted with shiny blue stars.