The Eufy EverCam is Unburdened by Wires

 - Apr 17, 2018
References: kickstarter
As digital storage space is becoming cheaper and more abundant, home security cameras are an increasingly practical way to keep one's abode secure, and the Eufy EverCam is a new device that makes it even easier to monitor one's property. The simple security camera is completely wireless, taking power from an impressive in-body battery and while still providing smart image analysis and around-the-clock protection.

The Eufy EverCam's battery is its most lauded feature. While most security cameras are wired and thus require professional installation or a high degree of know-how, the Eufy EverCam has a battery that can last up to an entire year on a single charge. That makes installation as easy as mounting the device on one's wall and connecting to the app — something that anyone can do.