The Etoile Thermostatic Shower Doesn't Just Clean, It Sooths

 - Apr 1, 2010
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The only thing I can find wrong with the Etoile Thermostatic Shower, is that it would likely create such an overwhelming experience that I would pass out and crack my head. Other than that, this thing is truly a work of art. Combining chromatherapy, hydrotheraoy, and yes, even audiotherapy (it has a built in radio!), this fixture truly creates an all encompassing feeling that only hallucinogens could likely match.

Designed by Hafro, the Etoile Thermostatic Shower includes an illuminated shower head, an audio system with a built-in LED display, and multiple hydromassage jets. If you install one of these babies in your home, you're likely to become the cleanest person around as known side effects including excessive scrubbing and rinsing.