Vinegar and Brown Paper Personalizes Your Glassware With Clever Phrases

UK-based designer Andy Poplar started his etched glassware company Vinegar and Brown Paper after leaving a long-term career in advertising. Poplar engraves funny, sweet, and satirical little phrases on different types of glassware. My favorite, for example, is a milk bottle that reads, "There’s No Use Crying Over It," playing on the popular phrase. Another apothecary bottle fittingly reads "Acidic Wit," and a pint-class optimistically declares itself "Half-Full."

Poplar spoke about the creative process, saying, "[The glassware will] live around the house for what could be months until one day suddenly the right idea pops into my head." These comedic and inspiring little etched glass items will make great gift ideas this fall and Christmas season. Keep an eye out for Vinegar and Brown Paper as Poplar plans to expand the brand and business in the upcoming years.