The 'Mouzen' Ergonomic Armrest Allows for Free Movement

 - Apr 4, 2019
References: kickstarter & yankodesign
The extended periods that many consumers are spending on a computer terminal is seeing some seek out ways to make their workstation more health-focused, which is where products like the 'Mouzen' ergonomic armrest are coming to the rescue.

Designed by Gašper Kumprej, the armrest is an aftermarket solution for a desk that can be easily installed in mere seconds and will go to work supporting up to 50 pounds of weight. This will allow computer users to rest their arm at the optimal position per ergonomic needs to use a mouse and work on their terminal for long periods of time without the associated fatigue.

The 'Mouzen' ergonomic armrest comes as one of a growing number of ergonomic products that are being developed as consumers seek out ways to stave off the effects of long-term computer use.