The Equilibrium Collection by Andre Cruz is Impossibly Balanced

 - Feb 14, 2013
References: & yankodesign
Something doesn't seem right with the Equilibrium Collection. The body of each piece of furniture appears to be impossibly balanced on uniquely carved legs. As though tippy toeing in reverse, the end of the leg that touches the surface of the body, not the floor, is dangerously tapered. How could it support such a weight? The Equilibrium Collection finds a way.

Created by Andre Cruz, a designer based in Sao Paolo, Brazil, the furniture in the Equilibrium Collection are reinforced with hidden metal supports that stabilizes each corner. Nevertheless, this knowledge doesn't change the fact that they are visually striking. Adults could even play with children's imaginations and tell them that the Equilibrium Collection is made with the help of magic.

Other than that, the Equilibrium Collection has a minimalist aesthetic.