The E-Pen by Propagandist Provides Two Reasons Not to Misplace It

 - Mar 13, 2013
References: & yankodesign
Your typical writing utensil has a single function and, while it's a terribly useful one, people are constantly losing this trusty implement. The E-Pen by Propagandist Company Limited is the proposed solution to this problem, created by packing in twice the practicality so that the scribbler won't slip your mind.

Integrated into the bulbous head of the stationery device is a small tape measure. Inspiration for this product came from professionals working in the fashion world who are constantly doing sketches, making adjustments to patterns and require both a handy scrawler and the means to size up garment lengths and widths, the forms of dummies and the bodies of models. The smoothly sculpted and softly colored E-Pen by Propagandist would prove to be indispensable and consequently found in every pocket of those in the garment industry.