The Envirofit Rocket Stove is a Lightweight, Long-Lasting Eco-Stove

 - Aug 29, 2013
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This Envirofit Rocket Stove is an environmentally-friendly way to cook while camping. The ‘G-3300 Wood’ model has a number of features that make it impressive. Aside from its ability to use renewable energy, this eco-friendly camping stove reduces the production of smoke, harmful gases, biomass fuel use and cuts cooking times in half.

EnviroFlame developed the Envirofit Rocket Stove with the Oakridge National Research Laboratory. The collaboration resulted in a "combustion chamber alloy that prevents deterioration of the chamber and gives it an exceptionally long life."

The long life of the metal body of this cookstove in combination with its many sustainable cooking methods make it a wonderful choice for campers to take with them on a trip. As well, the unit only weighs 12 lbs, which will be a relief to your back as well as the environment.