Horse Leg Table and Chairs

 - Aug 15, 2008
References: quazen
Let's not skirt around the issue here - this table and chairs with horse legs is truly hideous. But is that a bad thing?

I guess if there were an award for kitchiest table design, then this creation would get full marks. For style, however, most certainly nil points.

There is something nice about this unique table and chair set, but I have no idea what it is. Maybe it's in the cheap plastic look - in the same ways men love Playboy bunnies I guess. They are both plastic, and no good at conversation.

Maybe I could live with the chairs, but throw in the table, but I fear my will to live would flee. Also, the last time I checked, a horse had four legs - this set provides you with six, which would just be confusing and wrong, no matter what room you decided to proudly display this set in (the unused cellar perhaps?).