Enamor by Grace Lim Conceives of Kitchen Tools for the Impaired

 - Jun 13, 2011
References: downbylow.tumblr & yankodesign
Enamor by Grace Lim consists of tools designed to aid people with only one arm in chopping up a storm in the kitchen. Lim has created both a meat-cutting tool and a vegetable-cutting tool, both aesthetically pleasing objects that clamp down on a tabletop surface to stay in place.

Enamor by Grace Lim is an ingenious solution to a very niche problem. What I particularly like about these designs by Lim is that she has taken the time to think about how good design could improve user experience. When designers conceive of a product that removes the friction around a specific experience and merge it with a visually appealing identity, they create a product that people want to use. Grace Lim has done just that.