Annie Garcin Creates a Series of Embroidered Eggs for Easter

 - Apr 29, 2011
References: odditycentral
An artist by the name of Annie Garcin has created some interesting eggs for the past Easter holiday. Most people who celebrate Easter decorate their eggs by paintings or adding small craft items, but Annie Garcin takes it one step further with her series of Embroidered Eggs.

The Embroidered Eggs series by Annie Garcin is both spectacular and unusual. Looking at the eggs, you would guess that she weaves the designs first, then glues them on. However, the stitched patterns are actually part of the eggs themselves.

Garcin creates her Embroidered Eggs by using a Dremel drill to drill minuscule holes into the egg shell. She then dips the egg in liquid sodium silicate to strengthen and harden it. It's a unique piece of artwork that Annie Garcin has mastered on how to create.