The Elon Musk 'Hyperloop' Concept Seems Perfect in Every Way

 - Jul 19, 2012
References: businessinsider & fastcoexist
The Elon Musk 'Hyperloop' concept is a transportation method that is outside of the conventional four most are familiar with: plane, boat, car, train -- and no, it is not quite space travel.

Although right now it is still just a concept, Musk is working on patenting the idea and then open-sourcing it to the most ambitious entrepreneur who wants to go ahead with the idea. The idea is certainly seductive, with Musk confident that it would run 3 to 4 times faster than the bullet train, which is twice the speed of a plane. This means you could get to LA to San Francisco via tunnel in under 30 minutes -- which blows the already en-route Amtrak high speed rail installation out of the water. Musk also believes that if solar panels were incorporated into the design, it could be self-sufficient.

This 'Jetson's tunnel' seems too good to be true, but with a sales proposition as attractive as that, it won't be long before we are barrelling through space to get to work.