French Illustrator Elodie Combines Realistic Drawings with High Fashion

I'm convinced artist Elodie uses celebrity portraits as references for these couture illustrations of beautiful women. But even if you can't recognize the faces, you can still enjoy the beauty and artistry of these semi-realistic depictions of sultry women sporting some snazzy looks.

Elodie is a French illustrator and her brand of whimsical high-fashion ladies have graced the pages of Cosmopolitan, So' Chic magazine and Paulette magazine. She uses low-saturation color palettes to evoke a classical look. Her illustrations also feature distinctly French motifs, but contemporized for the 21st century.

Implications - Consumers appreciate analog-looking artwork more so than digital art due to latter's overuse in mainstream North American media. Consumers can also readily empathize with analog artwork because it is assumed that much more workpersonship was put into it, adding much more intrinsic value to pieces. Corporations using illustrated graphics in media campaigns may consider the use of fine arts over computer-generated graphics.