Elizabeth Price 'User Group Disco' is a Riveting Must-See

Acclaimed British artist creates an interestingly eerie, dystopian video with the Elizabeth Price 'User Group Disco' clip, which combines cinematic instrumentals with haunting black and white imagery. The series is set in an fictional space dubbed the Hall of Sculptures, where objects come to life in its shadowy corners.

The film's omniscient silence and heart-pounding background music heighten the suspense among the audience. The beginning sequence establishes the narrative, as yellow and red text highlight the comparison between museums to corporate structures. Throughout the film, there are various metallic, glass and household objects rotating in blurring speeds across the empty space. The work is described as institutional critique of the way consumer goods are objectified, classified and deemed arbitrary values.

The graceful, yet elegiac imagery of the piece makes for a hybrid media masterpiece.

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