VIP Status on the Web

 - May 7, 2008
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What is seemingly a contradiction is catching on as exclusive social networking sites are gaining popularity amongst the wealthy. Participation in sites such as aSmallWorld, Diamond Lounge and has more than doubled since last year as the computer savvy, rich people of the world are striving to find exclusivity on the net.

Most of these networks spread through strict, invite-only policies and may involve a thorough application process referencing job status, connections and education. These elite sites claim increased privacy and allow members to focus on similar interests. As a member, one can browse the online marketplace listing yachts, cars and other high end trinkets. There are also online discussions relating to exotic travel or referrals for a good lawyer and/or plastic surgeon.

'Snobsters' belonging to aSmallWorld, the largest socialite site has membership of just over 300,000 including Naomi Campbell, Ivanka Trump and Prince Felix of Luxembourg â€" just to name a few.