If you've ever wanted to look like an elf, then elfenkleid can make that fantasy come true.

In Germanic mythology, elves were depicted as a race of minor nature and fertility gods, often portrayed as youthful-looking men and women of great beauty. They are said to live in forests, underground, caves, or in wells and springs. Some say they are long-living or even immortal and are beings of magical powers.

Getting magical power by dressing up in elfenkleid (translation: elf dress) is questionable, but at least we get a touch of that “youthfu -seeming great beauty”. At least that's something for us Non Middle Earth creatures, don't you think?

Elfenkleid is a leading avant-garde label from Austria. Founded eight years ago in Vienna by designers Annette Prechtl and Sandra Thaler, elfenkleid soon gained recognition and acknowledgment especially in Europe and Japan. The aspiring label stands for excellent quality and a timeless independence of seasonally changing trends. But wait - there's more.

What makes elfenkleid outstanding and remarkable is not only the comfort and the simple, linear designs, it's the unique elfenkleid “handwriting”. The garments always seem to caress the body. The drapery and experimental cuts flow around the body's contours without being obtrusive or contrived. It's feminine, it's intelligent, it's casual and ever wearable.

Online, you can get elfenkleid clothing at styleserver and soupandfish.