This Clothing from Eleven Objects is Optional

 - Apr 6, 2012
References: elevenobjects & garbagedress
Designers Linh Thi Do and Christine Rhee of Eleven Objects have come up a collection of detachable collars for the fickle yet fashion-conscious. The concept has also been expanded to include collars with sleeves.

The clothing comes in a range of styles and colors. From goth-like black polyvinyl to leopard print hipster-chic, there is a piece for every outfit. In many ways, the collars and collared half-tops can function in the same manner as a scarf: something that can be taken on and off throughout the day, at one’s pleasure and convenience.

Indeed, for those who live in climates with weather that never seems to make up its mind, these detachable sleeved-collars are perfect.