Hannah Stouffer's Murals Include Elements of Space and Scenery

 - Jun 10, 2013
References: hannahstouffer.tumblr & juxtapoz
These wildly vibrant murals by talented artist Hannah Stouffer mix elements of space with human anatomy and earthly scenery. These stunningly busy-looking murals include a wide spectrum of colors and shades, as well as a wide variety of visual content. It's a lot to take in but these murals are both beautiful and fun.

Many of these marvelous murals incorporate eyes (or just one eye in some cases) which adds an interesting abstract element to these brightly colored art works. Most of these fantastic paintings include planets and moons, and a few even include rainbows. Visually, these murals are unbelievably stunning. All of Stouffer's works seem to have vibrant focal points. In many cases, the focus is a large mountain right in the center of all of the craziness.

These loud and lovely abstract murals are attention grabbing, and would make for great wall art in any given space.