Elegant Embellishments Ltd. Creates A Pretty Building Purifier

 - Jun 9, 2009   Updated: Jun 16 2011
References: elegantembellishments.net & designboom
Elegant Embellishments Ltd. designed a beautiful building-side display for DMY Design Festival '09.

The design by Elegant Embellishments Ltd. is a white cone-like creation standing about one story in height. It was part of the DMY Design Festival '09, which is working to clean the air.

This ornamentation actually works to decompose pollution. So, not only is it pretty to the eyes, it's good for the body too!

Implications - The movement towards green living and eco-consciousness has affected every industry, some more so than others. The art world is one of many industries that is heavily influenced by the green movement, which is entirely clear based on the myriad of artworks created from recyclable materials.